Best 12 Poetry writing apps for Earn

Poetry is an expression in the language of one’s own mind that touches others’ minds. There are many languages in the world and there are many poems in those languages. It is often seen that people of one country do not know the language of another country. But through poetry, they are connecting themselves with another country. And also they know about the culture of those countries.

There are many apps for those who love to read and write poetry. They can write and read poetry from these apps. Apps will help you to read and write poetry well. Some best poetry reading apps are Poet’s Pad, Mirakee, Poet Assistant, The Poetry Foundation, Poet’s Corner, Poetry Magazine, Poetry book, Writco, Poets and Poem etc.Here we will learn about 30 poetry writing and reading apps.


  1. Miraquill(Formerky Mirakee): Here you can write Quotes and poems. This is one of the best apps to write poems. You can share your expression here. This app will help you to connect to others. Beginners and publishers can use this app easily. It is easy to use and friendly. So if you like to publish your poem you can choose this app. I don’t find any other problem besides there is no dark mode here. Otherwise, this app is best for sharing your own creation. In this app, you can share your poetry on social networks. You can design your poetry. This app will take long posts so don’t worry if your poems are long .You can choose text colour. You can write in any language in this poem-maker app. You can save them as drafts. 


  1. Your Quote:  Your Quote App is a writing app where you can write your poetry .You can get popular and make money from this app. The speciality of this app is you can make money. By using this app you can express your feelings to the world.

Your Quote App has more than 12 languages for writers. This app is made in India.You can make money from these apps. You can withdraw your money from the bank. At the same time, both publicity and revenue are different aspects of this app. 


Important feature:

  • Your Quote App has a compose feature .Where you can compose your writing.
  • You can turn your words into art .
  • In Your Quote App you can publish your book .
  • You can get real time royalty by using this app. 
  • Here you have a chance to get famous.
  • In this app features you will get some unique hashtags.  


3. Poemia:

Poemia is known as Poets and Poems also. One of the best reading apps for poem lovers. Here you can read ,write and can enjoy poetry.More than 400 thousand poems and thousand of poets are here . Poemia is like a poemia family. There is a very nice bond between the writers in these apps. It is very easy to post poems in this app. It quickly reached everyone.

Poemia has thousand lyrics,peace lyrics,short and long poems, philosophical poetry . Poetry books are available here. 


Important feature: 

  • Poemia Apps has a feature where you can be a poet of the day.
  • You can chat with other poets easily.
  • You can see the category you want.
  • You can share your poem .
  • Here You can share poems with or without adding images.
  •  You have a feature here ,where you can share videos with poems. 


  1. Poet’s Corner:

Poets Corner App is good for the person who knows the Haikus language . If you don’t know this language then this app is not for you. Actually this app is not for everyone as far as I feel. Ballads and Sonnets lovers can use this app.


Important Features:

  • Poet’s Corner Apps have features where you can share your poetry.
  • You can also see your friend’s poet also.
  • You can write comments and can see what others comment on your poem.
  • Here you have to log in first.
  • Poet’s corner lists the 15 recent poems in their apps. 


  1. Poetizer:

Poetizer is a great app for new poets. It has so many features that helps the new poets to show their talents.Here poets can practice literature.For poet s and poets lovers this is t,he best app for poetry.They have millions of original poems . Every minute here writers  publish new poems. 


The Poetizer app will help you to express yourself. You can write here any topics . You can write about religion. You can write your about day to day life. So poet lovers just install Poetizer apps.


Important Feature:

  • You can customize your poem by using this Poetizer app.
  • On the homepage you will get newsfeed  ,top poems.
  • You can publish your poems by using the publish feature.
  • You can use tags while publishing your poems.
  • You can make your profile and can share your poem with others.


  1. Poetry Magazine:

Poetry Magazine is the oldest magazine that was founded in 1912. This app will help you to introduce the oldest poetry magazine. This magazine is for the English-speaking world.This is the best app for readers. If you like poems you can use this app.

Poetry Magazine has won 3 National Magazine awards.One for its podcast and two for general excellence.


Important Features:

  • The Poetry Magazine app you can access content by signing into the app.
  • Here in the app you have to select the account from the settings menu.
  • You can download poems.
  • The poems that you will read are given in the table of contents of this app.
  • Poetry Magazine apps have a search button to search the poem.  


7.Writers Outlet:

Writers outlet app is best for the creative writer. You can write poems, stories,books,blogs etc here.If you are a fresher this app can help you to publish your work.I will say this app for those who want to publish stories, poems, blogs at the same time.

Writers Outlet app is free to users .You can publish and read anything here for free. 


Important Features:

  • In Writers Outlet App you can add your facebook,Instagram and Twitter page.
  • You can connect with other writers .
  • This app allows you to invite another writer to edit your writing.
  • Here you can upload the music.
  • You can share the video file to share the audio.


  1. Allpoetry: Allpoetry apps have been made for all types of poets. There are many volunteer teachers who will teach you a lot. This app is a free app. You can write your poems here. The best  poems of the day show first. You can comment on others’ poems. Others will also be able to comment below your poem.


Important Features:

  • You have a feature where you get all poetry.
  • The interesting feature of this app is the message.
  • These apps have radio shows where your poem will be read. 
  • Here you will get a big writing group.
  • Dozens of free contests are started every day.


  1.  Poemify:

Poemify is a  simple and easy app to use .It  is a free social media apps.This app is support more than 30 language. If you want to  share your poem you can easily use this  apps.

Poemify will help you to improve your writing skill. The thing I like most about this app is, this app is too simple to use. 


 Important  Features:

  • On the homepage you can write a poem.
  • You will get Bookmarks in this app. 
  • You can search for your poem .
  • To write a poem you have a title and then have to write your poem.
  • You can save your favourite poems from other poets.


  1. Magnetic Poetry:

Magnetic Poetry app is good for those who love to read and write poetry in English. The interesting thing about this app that I like is that the words are given above. All you have to do is drag and drop the words. Songs and poems written like your own will be made from drawn words.

In Magnetic Poetry apps, you can write English poems like yourself. For those suffering in the writer’s block, this is a very good way to get themselves out of this problem. You can share your poems after writing poems here.


Important Features:

  • You can drag and drop words to write poems.
  • You can add as many words as you like to your poem.
  • You can share your creation with your friends.
  • You can select word types like nature, music etc.
  • You can build your own word list.


  1.  Writco:

Writco is the best app for creative writers. This app is a multilingual social writing platform. If you write here you can connect with the world writers. Here you can read  ,write and share your work .

Write apps also publish the stories,p oems,thoughts etc as a book format. So in this way you can also publish your creation as a book format.


Important Feature:

  • This app has a feature named Secret Letter where you can secretly send your letter.
  • They provide a Premium Badge that will be visible next to your name.
  • Profile Insights feature will inform you about who visits your profile.
  • You can pin your favourite post, or poem at the top.
  • You can save multiple drafts.


  1. Writer Plus:

The writer Plus app is perfect for the writing notes,s tory,lyrics,story writing.This app is simple and easy to use.Writer Plus Supported language are English,Chinese,German,Italian,French,Russian, Spanish,Portuguese, poilish. Moreover, in this app you will also get the benefit of Bluetooth keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts are also supported by these apps. 


Important Features:

  • You can edit and save your writings as plain text here.
  • You have the facility to use undo,redo.
  • This app has a night mode for users.
  • You can share your creation.
  • You can count your words and character.      


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