Digital Marketing

10 Types of Digital Marketing you must know

Digital marketing is one of the most modern methods of promoting products or services. Being right Promoted them in ways is the key to success in business. In promotion, there is a concept known as expansion. That’s all. Marketing is the true form.
In keeping with modernity, this campaigning system has also developed. This type of modern campaigning is known as digital marketing.
The concept that marketing should only be done for the growth of the business is incorrect. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. At every stage of the present, there is no alternative.

Formal, informal, contest publicity or election campaigning is everywhere. Digital marketing includes all the advertising scenarios we see on television, YouTube channels or social media.

To apply the concepts of digital marketing, one must first have a good understanding of analogue marketing. While in digital marketing it is possible to create advertisements for products at home, there is nothing like that in analogue. In an analogue marketing system, any product or self-introduction has to be done in the field. For example, let’s talk about election campaigns.

The difference between digital marketing and analogue marketing is that in digital marketing more than 10 people can inform about a product at a time when this is not possible for analogue marketing. On the other hand, in the case of digital marketing, through a post, we can inform the desired people, the exact number of people or the type of people we want to inform.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of digital marketing. 10 types of digital marketing will be discussed below. They are:

  • Content Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • S-E-O
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Microblogging

1)Content marketing:
Content marketing is the biggest field in the marketing world. Good content is the most important rule for digital marketing. The better the content, the better the marketing. To be a digital marketing expert, one must have a good understanding of content.

When we go to buy any valuable thing like a fridge, mobile phone, laptop etc. we search for it on Google. We gain knowledge about all those products by reading the content from Google. About which the more good content I read, the more I buy.

The definition of content marketing is to say that content marketing is a transparent idea about a product or service.
An organization communicates its own identity, product, product utility, information, benefits, reviews and other topics to its target audience through this content.

Content has basically 4 steps, that is:

  • Written medium
  • Audio medium
  • Video medium
  • Photo

One thing that should always be kept in mind is that the content should be useful for the work or job. The content should be something that will always attract the audience.

2) YouTube Marketing:

When a product promotion is captured and posted online in the form of a video using the Internet, we call it Video Marketing or YouTube Marketing.

By opening a YouTube channel, the product or service’s quality, utility, usefulness, and requirements are captured in a video.

In terms of YouTube marketing, YouTube channels are first opened. After that it is set up, the next step is to capture the company’s product or product-related information in the form of video content and arrange it to reach the target audience. In this case, to which age people, or to which type of people the information will go can also be determined in the settings.

YouTube video content should be created in such a way that people like it. Also one should be careful that the person gets interested in watching it till the end.

If the video is created by mentioning the important information in a short video, it is possible to increase the views. Unnecessary talk or information creates annoyance among people.
Creating content by thinking and applying creativity is convenient and enjoyable for people.

3) Facebook Marketing:

In keeping with modernity, the world is running at its own pace. Among social media, the touch of this modernity is most visible on Facebook.
Facebook is the most popular social media nowadays. Facebook is improving day by day. It is playing an important role in digital marketing.

Although the number of Facebook users was low in the beginning, its usage is increasing day by day. In that case, it has become a marketing big data platform. Here, individuals, and companies promote their products in various ways.

Marketing on Facebook is done in two general way..

  • Free marketing
  • Paid Marketing

In the case of free marketing usually, a page is opened, whose name, and address are all based on the product. On that page and in the groups included on the page, all the qualities of the product are mentioned and conveyed to the common people. Messenger or Facebook page link is given through invitation. People prefer to buy products from it.

On the other hand, when talking about paying markets, free marketing becomes a bigger field. In paid marketing, posting a post on a page is delivered to the public i.e. the desired people.
In this case, the work is done with the help of a master card/ credit or debit card by running add.

4) Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the biggest areas of digital marketing nowadays. When an email is used to reach people about a product or service or inform them about the service, it is called email marketing.

We take the help of email marketing for any product promotion or marketing. So when we send a mail to someone, we send only one mail to the personal mail id. But when it is sent for marketing purposes, the same mail is sent to many people at the same time. Email marketing can easily get more customers. Because the email ID is now closely associated with each person’s identity card. Using marketing tools is very profitable and popular as it is free and very easy to use.

5) SEO Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization is short for SEO. It has a touch of modernity in digital marketing. Nowadays no content is complete without SEO. It will work like magic to find you any information.
Searching targeted keywords will bring in more visitors. The better the SEO of a piece of content, the more it will be promoted. In other words, any ad that is done well with SEO comes within the reach of people with a little search.

There is definitely no substitute for SEO to survive in today’s market. Currently, in the job market, people who are skilled in this work are highly valued. So this type of digital marketing is very important.

6) Pinterest Marketing:

Printest is one of the digital platforms of social media. Products or services can be promoted very easily using this medium. In this case, a Pinterest account is opened. And there they keep in touch with the people they love, the people they know. In that ID, your own products are arranged according to the template. And there the posts are decorated in the form of pins. If any of your acquaintances or those who are in that medium search for the desired product, the complete information about your product will be revealed to them.

It is possible to get thousands of buyers through Pinterest. Many still don’t know that there is something called Pinterest which plays a big role in our marketing.

7) LinkedIn Marketing:

LinkedIn is a popular business platform nowadays. Various high-ranking officials of the country use it. Big businessmen of the country and abroad present their identity here and advertise their business activities here.

On Linkedin, we usually get more information through connectors. But everything from sharing products to advertise jobs is used in this field.

Products and services are posted on LinkedIn much like Facebook. Clients can see them through connected individuals or sponsors. And thus it is playing one of the most important roles in marketing.

8) Instagram Marketing:

Instagram is one of the places of social media. Here are common different pictures posted. After opening the ID, people are followed by known, unknown, loved ones etc. When it comes to following, some give privacy, and some don’t. If you have privacy, your posts can be seen with permission. Otherwise, it doesn’t go. Again, by following back, the connection is between both parties.

Digital marketing plays a unique role in this field. Here also marketing of products or services is done paid or unpaid. The main objective here is to increase followers by adopting different strategies. The more followers the organization or brand has, the more its products will be promoted and spread.

9) Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing refers to that phase of marketing where a popular person is used to promote a product. Marketing a product or service with a celebrity who has a large following is essentially influencer marketing.
Those celebrities or influential people do marketing using digital media, radio, television, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Usually, big companies hire influencers. And through them increase the awareness of the company. Thus, it has a special place in digital marketing.

10) Microblogging:

Microblogging is a website for sharing small posts and videos. Some small bloggers are connected to each other. Keep in touch by liking and commenting on each other’s posts.
Also, when these short videos and pictures are posted for marketing purposes, it is called microblogging marketing.

So, the field of digital marketing is huge. Using it in the right way in the right way contributes significantly to making our marketing easier and more profitable and changes the course of life for the better.